18 Months to 6th Grade

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Special Programs

Every school year we incorporate a variety of outside programs that enhance and expand our already exciting curriculum. These eclectic programs have taught our students the basics of dental hygiene, let them handle creepy crawlers, pet a snake and participate in a hoedown!

Music programs have explored Spanish song and dance, homemade musical instruments, concertina music, and folk music.

Our students have been delighted and informed about oyster reefs, the Chesapeake Bay and its environs, as well as how to make apple juice with an old-fashioned apple press.

Our parents have shared their expertise in underwater rovers, early man, NASA, exploring cultural heritages, piloting fighter jets and airliners, and so much more. Several times a year our Upper Elementary students enjoy performances at the Kennedy Center, navigating the subway system as another learning experience.

Extended programs allow us to explore different subjects in depth. Our elementary students learned the art of fused glass and created our lovely Chesapeake Bay themed entry door panels.