18 Months to 6th Grade

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Our House on the Hill is a peaceful and natural oasis. There are a variety of ways that our students enjoy, appreciate, and connect with our campus gardens. They may be collecting a selection of leaves to explore the vein systems, looking for tiny critters that inhabit the soil, or using the outside beauty to inspire artwork. The gardens are a hands-on experience for what may be abstractly discussed in class.

Every class participates in the cycle of growth – from growing seeds to transplanting the seedlings, to caring for the gardens during the growing season and then preparing the beds for their winter rest. These activities enhance the students’ relationship with the world around them and helps define their role in that world as caretakers of the earth.

Our students learn the enjoyment of growing, preparing, and finally eating what they have grown. Even our youngest Toddlers enjoy snack from their garden. The gardens have expanded our students’ concerns beyond our borders. Our Upper Elementary students have grown lettuce, sold it, and used the funds to support charities such as providing water for African villages.

Our gardens are the launching pad for monarch butterflies that have been raised in the classrooms. In addition to native plantings, we have been increasing the number of plantings that provide food for butterflies.

The Glen, our outdoor classroom, is nestled in a clearing in the woods. With benches and tables, this area is perfect for discussing a book, having a sing-a-long, or exploring nature.