18 Months to 6th Grade

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Computer Literacy

All our classrooms emphasize hands-on learning which enables our students to touch and feel what they are studying. MICH students do not use computers or tablets in the classroom. Cursive handwriting is taught from age three as a means of brain development that is important for reading readiness, learning, and memory.

Montessori International does expose students to the benefits of the digital age. When appropriate and fitting with the class curriculum, technology is used to bring the world to the children. For example, we can observe a stork pair building a nest, laying eggs, hatching, maturing and fledging. There are also opportunities to watch space launches and scientific breakthroughs occurring around the world, all of which lend themselves to inquiry-based activities.

Our computer instructor provides elementary students with individual and small group lessons, beginning with keyboarding. The curriculum advances with lessons on research, safe use of the web, and instruction on essential software programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher. It is not long before students are preparing beautiful multi-media reports to share with their classmates.