18 Months to 6th Grade

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Media Center

The Media Center (MC) is a hub of learning and discovery.  Our collection of over 11,000 books includes a vast array of fiction and nonfiction as well as reference materials for all ages and interests.

Primary students visit the MC weekly to check out books.  Storytime topics are related to class study, or of seasonal interest, but are also chosen to reinforce simple concepts and language development.

Lower Elementary (LE) students visit the MC weekly to check out books and for silent free choice reading.  Third-year students function as Library Aides, checking out themselves, their peers, and the Primary students.

Upper Elementary (UE) students are nearly autonomous in the MC.  In addition to performing research, they check out their own materials and use the computers to search, type, and publish.  A few times a year the class produces a Newspaper, complete with current events, editorials, and an advice column. UE students also participate in various Book Clubs and the MICH Poetry Club.


  • Author Election – every fall the elementary classes campaign for their favorite authors by giving book talks
  • Poetry Festival – the UE students memorize and dramatize their favorite poems as part of their holiday celebration
  • Poetry Reading – to celebrate National Poetry Month (April), the Poetry Club hosts a public reading of their original works
  • Poetry Wall – all students and staff are invited to submit poetry for posting

In the Media Center children are empowered to learn themselves.  The center is a vital extension of the classroom.