18 Months to 6th Grade

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Our Classrooms

It is almost possible to say that there is a mathematical relationship between the beauty of his surroundings and the activity of the child; he will make discoveries rather more voluntarily in a gracious setting than in an ugly one. Maria Montessori

The MICH classroom is a very special place where the carefully prepare environment focuses on the child and his/her desire to learn. A sense of order, calm, and beauty is integral to each classroom.

Our classrooms are organized with the specific needs of that age group in mind. Tailored to be an attractive room where easy access to all the learning materials engages the child in discovery and learning. Designed to incorporate both individual and group learning, with quiet nooks for reading. Every inch of the classroom is used for learning – even the floor! Artwork and classroom pets are incorporated into many of the classrooms.

Every classroom embodies these main tenets of a Montessori education:

Prepared Environment – the classroom is designed to engage the child.

Respect – the child is the center of the classroom and the center of his learning.

Discovery – children are guided to engage, explore, and discover answers for themselves.

Hands-On Learning – is promoted by having attractive materials in sizes appropriate to the age group. The ability to interact with the materials and to manipulate them leads to a greater understanding as it involves not just the mind but the body and all the senses.

Freedom of Choice – is not limitless in the Montessori classroom. Freedom occurs within boundaries where expectations are made clear. This allows the child to understand the consequences of their choices and develop self-regulation.

Independence – is nurtured from the moment the child enters the classroom. Our goal is to help the child do it himself so that he grows in self-reliance and independence.

Montessori Trained Directress – is there to guide the child on his voyage of discovery and to help the child learn to respect himself and others as well as develop an understanding of his place as a citizen of the world. With specialized training, the teacher is able to assist the child on his life-long learning journey in ways that promote his learning.