18 Months to 6th Grade

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Toddler Summer Program

The Toddler Community Summer Program at MICH is a great introduction to the Montessori classroom. The Toddler Program offers your child social interaction with other children, development of language skills, care of oneself and the environment, music and movement activities, and exploration of art materials.

The children begin each morning on the playground where they ride trikes, push carts, climb up the climber and slide down the slide, kick balls, play in the sandbox and tend to the garden. Once inside the classroom the children explore the Montessori materials and may choose to read a book, feed the fish, paint a picture, work on a puzzle and the list goes on. Each day the children will take part in preparing the snack and setting the table.

Everyone sits together and eats snack family style. After cleaning up the snack dishes, it is time for music. The children delight in the bells, rhythm sticks, drums, and shakers as they sing along with the Directress.

When offered, the Toddler Summer Program is only open to current Toddler students and to those children joining the Toddler class in the fall.