18 Months to 6th Grade

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Alumni Testimonials

Perhaps one of the best indications of a successful school experience is when the Alumni and alumni parents stay in touch with the school long after graduation. Our alumni continue to be involved with the daily life of the school participating as volunteers for our Secret Shop, being a panelist for Ask the Experts (sharing their expertise on transitioning to another school), and helping as tour guides for our Open Houses. Many of our younger alums love to stop by and have lunch with their old classmates and out-of-towners are always popping in to say “hi”!

Please enjoy these candid, unedited comments about a MICH education from our alumni

MICH made me excited to learn

Montessori was really a help in math (in the upper grades) because you learn math so early

You learn to work in a group; you know how to work with each other

Montessori teaches how to do things differently – if method A doesn’t work, then you try method B

You learn to get to the task without the teacher forcing you to do it

Montessori lets you visualize the learning

You understand why it work – it is not just memorizing

You learn how to learn

You learn how to put things together and have it make sense

Every year I realize how smart MICH made me.

Even in college I was so surprised by how the other students weren’t able to visualize and understand how the equations worked.  I credit my Montessori education at MICH with my ability to see the bigger picture and understand the larger concept.

Current & Alumni Parent Testamonials

When asked about a graduate’s new school, an alumni & current parent answered

It’s hard when you’ve been here, everything else pales in comparison.

See what other parents say about a MICH education

When our children leave school this Friday, it will be with a mixture of joy and sadness. MICH has been their community, and ours, for many years. Our children have learned so much here, from a simple lesson on table washing to those challenging algebra equations. They have learned how to express their deepest thoughts through poetry and stay within budget when shopping for food.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the Toddler, Primary, LE and UE directresses and assistants for what you’ve helped our children learn. Our appreciation extends to the rest of the staff as well because all of you have influenced the children in a positive way. They leave MICH with a love of learning, a compassion for others, a sense of responsibility for the world around them and friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you so very much!  (Thank you note from graduating 6th year Parents)


We love MICH. Our girls are the students they are because of the education, guidance, and love you provided. To all of you at MICH – thank you!!!!! (Parent of two graduates and a current student)


Nothing will ever convince me that there is a more dedicated group of teachers anywhere. I cannot thank them adequately or say enough good things about the roles they have played in the development of our children. (Current parent)


MICH is a unique place that exists so that our children can learn, and explore their special roles in the world, and truly flourish as young people, in a safe environment that is respectful of their intellect and of their emotions. (Alumni parent)


She has learned so much during her years at MICH (actually, I could say her life at MICH) – not just in terms of polishing and pouring, and Pink Towers, or sand paper letters, or walking on a yellow line, or diagramming sentences, or dissecting frogs, or reading and writing and division and squaring and rods and tubes –but in terms of relationships and citizenship in their true sense, and in developing her artistic interests; and in caring for other people, and for our community and for our planet. (Alumni parent)


In a busy, fast-paced world of Instant Messages, flat screens, Ipods, Ipads, and I-Carly; facebooks and netbooks, dog-eat-dog competition, Twitters, and changes that happen so fast that we cannot even keep up, MICH has been a place of respite for our children, and it has been a rock for our family. It is a place that reinforces the values we all hope our children will grow up with, and it is a caring community where our children have developed those two most important qualities – empathy and curiosity. Who could ask for better than that? (Current parent)